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Hello and welcome  for you, the one willing to be involved in the Campaign 2% for Christiana!         Thanks,   once   again,   if   you   were   sympathizer   and   supporter   of   our   past   years   campaigns!   We hope that this year you will join us again or you will start doing it now!       As   every   year,   with   the   donors   support   and   the   money   raised   from   the   Campaign   2%   for Christiana!    were    supported    and    developed    the    projects    of    Philanthropic    Medical-Christian Association Christiana:   The   Center   for   Elderly   Dr.   Teofil   Mija,   Săcele,   founded   in   2000,   promoting   accredited   social services,      having   the   mission   of   provideing   hosting   and   maintenance   of   persons   pension   underage, on   a   fixed   or   indefinite   period,   depending   on   the   individual   needs.   At   present,   the   center   provides hosting   and   care   to   more   than   75   elderly   across   Romania,   of   which   15   are   social   cases   and   10   are immobilized.   Details   about   the   Campaign   2%   for   Christiana!   developed   by   Philanthropic   Medical-Christian Association Christiana:   Is   addressed   to   the   persons   being   salaried   in   Romania,   in   the   previous   year,   being   Romanian citizen.   Find attached the actual 230 Form, valid for  the campaign 2% for Christiana!   How   to   complete   the   form?   The   Part   I   of   the   form   has   to   be   completed   with   personal   data:   the   form has to be signed. Methods for submitting the Form 230: 1. Can be filled, scanned and sent by e-mail to the address: georgeta.voineag@afmcchristiana 2.   Can   be   brought   directly   to:      Centrul   Socio-Medical   (Socio-Medical   Centre)   Dr.   Teofil   Mija,   Str.   I. Cantacuzino   nr   14,   Braşov   or      Căminul   de   Bătrâni   (Center   for   Elderly)   dr.   Teofil   Mija,   Street   George Moroianu nr.11, Săcele, jud. Brasov, Romania; 3.   Can   be   sent   to   the   address:   Asociaţia   Filantropică   Medical   Creştină   Christiana   (Philanthropic Medical-Christian Association Christiana) Str. I. Cantacuzino nr 14, Braşov code 500 073; 4. It can be given to one of the employees of the Association; the form will be centralised; 5.   Can   be   applied   directly   to   the   Territorial   Financier   Administration   you   belong   with   the   personal address. In this situation, please notify us by telephone/e-mail that you have submitted the form.   Contacts: The   Elderly   Center   Dr.   Teofil   Mija,   Str.   George   Moroianu   No.   11,   Săcele,   jud.   Brasov,   Romania      Tel. 0268 273 450, Fax: 0268 276 611 Socio-Medical   Centre   Dr.   Teofil   Mija   (CSM),   Str.   I.   Cantacuzino   nr   14,   Braşov   Tel.0268   069/0786 419 072 650     Donation of 2% of the personal income tax, Represents one of the forms of  civic involvement And so, together, we’ll  build an humanitarian and civic support, Needed by some of citizens of Brasov County! Thank you  for the support! Formular 2%       
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