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Project   ACCESS   -   ACCESS   and   cooperation   in   the   community   of   Brasov   for   the   benefit   of   people   at   risk   of social   exclusion   proposed   by   Philanthropic   Medical-Christian   Association   Christiana ,   started   being   based   on   the realities   of   the   community   facing   an   aging   and   dependency   of   the   population   being   in   social   risk   and   needing   specific integrated    services    (psycho-socio-medical),    services    undeveloped    or    insuficient    developed    by    state    and    private providers . These services (especially health care) is often inaccessible to the target groups of the project. The    project    was    addressed    to    elderly    and    disabled    people    (senzorial    -    auditory    and    visual,    physical    and psychiatricaly)    in    situations    of    social    risk,    marginalization    and    isolation.    During    the    project    were    included    the caregivers and the workers in social services of the partners. Project   ACCESS   can   be   considered   a   successful   one,   having   notable   results,   as   introducing   (at   local   level)   an innovative,   holistic   approach   of   persons   in   social   risk   or   having   the   potential   to   develop   it,   being   included   the   family/ caregivers,   the   professionals.   Health   promotion   and   of   a   healthy   lifestyle,   social   inclusion,   non-discriminatory   and supportive   attitudes,   socialization   and   building   links   between   generations,   volunteering   -   were   other   positive   key elements of ACCESS Project.                        The   final   results   of ACCESS   Project   demonstrate   that   all   project   proposed   activities   have   been   completed,   but   in particular,   has   to   be   mentioned   that   were   achieved   the   assumed   indicators,   the   key   indicators   being   over   covered.
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