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Mission     The mission is a humanitarian and charitable purposes and utility serves public .     Values             Honesty,    honor,    mutual    respect    and    mutual    help    needy    fellow    social    tolerance,    coexistence- Christian moral, professionalism and transparency. Objectives   Providing   services   in   residential   system   for   the   elderly,   through   the   Center   for   Elderly   dr.   Teofil   Mija; Providing specialised health care, fully free or with reduced price; Training and education of employees in medical, social and charitable issues; Raising public awareness about respect for others; Participation in the common humanitarian actions together with local authorities; Distribution of gifts to persons residing in Center for Elderly dr. Teofil Mija.
„Loving God means to devote" Christiana Phylantropic Medica-Christian Association Brașov