ACCES Project

ACCESS Project - ACCESS and cooperation in the community of Brasov for the benefit of people at risk of social exclusion, project proposed by Philantropic Medical-Christian Association Christiana (AFMC Christiana) starts from the reality that the community is dealing with aging and elderly population’s dependency on the youth, but also of the insufficient developed social and medical services system (initiated by the state and private providers), services inaccessible for the target group of the project.

The project is addresses to persons at social risk, having priority the elderly at risk of marginalization and isolation and persons with diverse disabilities (including visual and auditory).


The Socio-Medical Centre Dr. Teofil Mija

The Socio-Medical service is a new community with holistic vision.



Professional activities in the fields of social work, psychology, medical activities


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Donations (financial and material)  Donation of 2% of personal income tax  Voluntary activity



PhotoVoice is a dynamic, innovative method for community assessment and reflection, which is based on information and participatory research. The method allows both community members and persons involved in social services (of state and NGOs) to share their experiences, to work together for change.

Using PhotoVoice - the method of photography having as accompaniment a relevant message, can lift the barriers of unknowing aspects according people lives, of groups, in vulnerable situations (eg. isolation, marginalization, stigmatization). PhotoVoice can illustrate the quality of everyday life of these people.



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